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Teacher Workshop Held in Eureka, MO

Thursday, October 1, 2015

     Dr. Troy Sadler, Professor in the MU College of Education and Director of the ReSTEM Institute, and a science education graduate student led several EPSCoR-sponsored teacher professional development workshops this summer.  In Eureka, MO, Sadler held a workshop for the Rockwood School District.  In attendance were about 55 teachers and several school administrators.  The teachers included members of the curriculum writing teams for Rockwood School District.  All of the life science teachers at Eureka High School also attended this workshop.

     The focus of the workshop was to implement issue-based teaching in secondary science classrooms as a means of supporting Next Generation Science Standards-aligned learning.  As part of the workshop program, teachers worked with the ecology learning module that was produced as a part of the Missouri Transect.  Sadler used the learning module to exemplify of how core disciplinary ideas (such as ecological interactions and interdependence) can be taught with scientific practices (such as modeling) in the context of compelling socio-scientific issues (such as climate change).