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Weather Radar Dedication Ceremony Held at the Ninth Annual South Farm Showcase

Saturday, September 26, 2015

   Photo Credit: Logan Jackson | copyright: 2015 – Curators of the University of Missouri                                




The Missouri Transect-funded Doppler weather radar was officially dedicated at the ninth annual South Farm Showcase on Saturday, September 26, 2015.  An estimated 16,000 people came to the South Farm Showcase to visit over 60 venues spread throughout the property.

The Doppler weather radar was erected at the Jefferson Institute at South Farm Research Center in Columbia, MO on June 30.  By July 3 the radar was already collecting and streaming data by the minute.  Drs. Neil Fox and Tony Lupo, as well as EWR representatives gave words about the significance of the Doppler radar for climate science and weather forecasting in mid-Missouri.

EWR Weather Radar Systems designed the E750DP unit using dual polarizing technology, which improves the accuracy of precipitation estimates by taking two-dimensional images.  Dual-pol gives the weather forecasters a better reading of weather systems and can send warnings of severe weather to the public more quickly and accurately than before.  The data collected by the radar is transferred and stored every five minutes to the EPSCoR research server, managed by the Cyberinfrastructure Team.

A goal of collecting radar data is to make the streaming data available in map-format to public users through a public website.  The National Weather Service (NWS) is interested in the live streaming data provided by the radar.  This is the first radar unit in mid-Missouri to provide dual-pol images and will provide an additional layer of data for the NWS weather alert service.  Missouri EPSCoR will have more information on this coming soon.

Learn more about the Missouri Transect radar on the Climate Team Research Highlights page, “Closing a Radar Gap.”

Radar article in the Columbia Missourian, "New MU radar keeps eye on weather in the Columbia area."

Missouri EPSCoR Doppler Radar in the News

Thursday, May 14, 2015

The Doppler radar, built by EWR in Kirkwood, MO, will be installed at the end of June on the MU South Farm Research Center in Columbia, MO. Already, it has received media attention state-wide in anticipation of the high-quality, real-time data available to researchers in the state, the National Weather Service, and to the public. An expert in radar technology, Neil Fox, has been collaborating with the Climate Team, headed by Pat Market, since the onset of the Missouri Transect project. On March 10, 2015, KBIA, a local subsidiary of NPR News interviewed Dr. Fox about the radar's predicted broader impacts on state-wide weather forecasts This Doppler weather radar that will improve Missouri microclimate datasets and enhance prediction of climate variability and extreme events. It will also provide high-quality, calibrated precipitation estimates that will be used to better understand precipitation over multi-use complex terrain. Many education and community outreach activities will benefit from using the radar during field trips to South Farm. In short, it is no wonder this state-of-the-art equipment is generating a buzz across the state.