Measuring Resilience and Vulnerability in U.S. Counties (Working Paper IPP/07)

Author(s): Kathleen K. Miller, Angela Johnson, and Brian Dabson
Date of Publication: May 2016

This paper summarizes work completed as part of the Missouri Transect Project Community Team’s Integrating Responses to Climate Change within a Regional Resilience Framework. The goal was to create a series of county level indexes to measure resilience and vulnerability relative to other counties in the U.S. The eventual aim is to provide communities with the capacity and tools to prepare resilience plans that can respond to a range of natural and human - made threats, include climate change.

Citation: Miller, K.K., Johnson, A., & Dabson, B. (2016), Measuring Resilience and Vulnerability in U.S. Counties. Harry S Truman School of Public Affairs.
Team(s): Community Team