Cell Sensitive Phase Contrast Microscopy Imaging by Multiple Exposures

Author(s): Zhaozheng Yin, Hang Su, Elmer Ker, Mingzhong Li, and Haohan Li
Date of Publication: October 2015

We propose a novel way of imaging live cells in a Petri dish by the phase contrast microscope. By taking multiple exposures of phase contrast microscopy images on the same cell dish, we estimate a cell-sensitive camera response function which responds to cells' irradiance signals but generates a constant on non-cell background signal. The result of this new microscopy imaging is visually superior quality, which reveals the appearance details of cells and suppresses background noise near zero. Using the cell-sensitive microscopy imaging, cells' original irradiance signals are restored from all exposures and the irradiance signals on non-cell background regions are restored as a uniform constant (i.e., the imaging system is sensitive to cells only but insensitive to non-cell background). The restored irradiance signals greatly facilitate the cell segmentation by simple thresholding. The experimental results validate that high quality cell segmentation can be achieved by our approach.

Citation: Yin, Z., Su, H., Ker, E., Li, M., & Li, H. (2015). Cell-sensitive phase contrast microscopy imaging by multiple exposures. Medical Image Analysis, 25, 111-121.
Team(s): Plant Team