Research Opportunities For Students

We are looking for bright, talented, curious, and motivated students to work on Missouri Transect teams

Students will have the opportunity to work on real research projects aimed at understanding the impact of climate change right here in Missouri. Joining a Missouri Transect team is a great way to get first-hand experience conducting basic research and being a member of a research team. Whether you are interested in engineering, bench science, computers, community building, teaching, or field work, we have something for almost everyone.

Get top notch research experience while also making a difference

High school students and undergraduate students from Missouri institutions have the opportunity to participate in a variety of research projects led by Missouri Transect research scientists and
educators. Students work hand-in-hand with Missouri Transect research faculty on cutting edge research that is crucial to developing sustainable adaptations to climate change in Missouri.

Some current research projects are in areas, such as:

  • Agricultural robotics
  • Climate modeling, seasonal forecasting, and storm tracking
  • Aerial imaging (drone technology)
  • Wetland ecology
  • Plant genetics
  • Community resilience mapping and planning
  • Data mining and modeling, scientific computing, data visualization

How To Get Involved

For more information on how you can get involved or to find out what opportunities are available in your area, submit an online application form:

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