The National STEM Report Released

Thursday, November 19, 2015

The ACT has released its 2015 National STEM Report this week, which assesses levels of achievement and levels of interest in STEM among college-ready high school students. STEM is Science, Computer Science and Mathematics, Medical and Health, and Engineering and Technology. The report found that about half of US high school graduates have expressed interest in STEM majors and careers. Other key findings include:

  1. Interest in STEM remains high
  2. Students with STEM interest that is both expressed and measured outperformed their peers
  3. For the first time, students are measured against the ACT STEM College Readiness Benchmark
  4. Interest in teaching STEM subject areas continues to lag

This report shows achievement levels in each area of STEM on the national level, as well as the actual number and percentage of students interested in specific majors and occupations.

View the report here or by clicking the image below: