ITEST Proposal Development Course - Registration Now Open

Friday, June 29, 2018

Are you designing or implementing a program that impacts
PreK-12 students’ future in STEM?

Are you interested in applying for NSF funds to support
the research and development of this program?

Are you new to proposal writing?

Register for the ITEST Proposal Development Course! 

What is the course?  

Back by popular demand - the ITEST Proposal Development Course is now open to the public.

The ITEST Proposal Development Course, hosted and facilitated by the STEM Learning and Research (STELAR) Center, is a self-paced online course in which novice NSF proposal writers will develop a full NSF proposal for the ITEST program, to be submitted for the August 8, 2018 solicitation deadline.

The course covers the critical components of developing a successful NSF ITEST proposal including; forming partnerships, writing a compelling narrative, developing research and evaluation designs that are well-aligned and impactful, planning for fruitful dissemination, preparing a budget, and finally, submitting the proposal to NSF.

Who should take the course?

The course best serves individuals who:

  • Have not yet submitted a successful NSF proposal 
  • Have a proposal idea that aligns with the goals and expectations of the ITEST Program
    • Research and development of PreK-12 programs that promote awareness of STEM careers, build skills to prepare for STEM careers, and provide technology-rich experiences  (see ITEST Solicitation 17-565 for further details) 
  • Plan to submit an NSF ITEST proposal due on August 8, 2018 

In addition, the ITEST Program and STELAR Center are committed to broadening the participation of the ITEST community to individuals from organizations and communities not currently represented in the ITEST portfolio.

How do I sign up?

  1. Click the “Sign up” button below 
  2. Complete the online registration form 
  3. Once you’ve completed the online registration form you will receive an email with detailed instructions on how to create an account and enroll in the ITEST Proposal Development Course
Sign up for the ITEST Proposal Development Course

Feedback from previous course participants: 

On how the course made a difference:
“After meeting several professionals and having access to materials, diverse ideas, and contributions from individuals during this course, I am very confident in proposal development and in how to make a broader impact in my future projects.  It also helped me to connect with diverse professionals who are interested or doing great work in ITEST. Overall this course was a magnificent opportunity for me to develop intellectual merit in proposal writing.”
Strongest takeaway from the course:
“The proposal writing process is quite extensive and requires lots of planning, support, and … experience.”
General feedback on the course:
“I really appreciated how the modules took you step-by-step through a proposal. It helped me understand the micro steps within each proposal section, the kinds of questions I should be thinking about, and the kinds of resources I can pull on to develop this section of the proposal.”  

About the ITEST Program: 

The NSF ITEST Program is a research and development program that supports projects to promote PreK-12 student interests and capacities to participate in the science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) and information and communications technology (ICT) workforce of the future. The ITEST program supports research on the design, development, implementation, and selective spread of innovative strategies for engaging students in technology-rich experiences that: (1) increase student awareness of STEM occupations; (2) motivate students to pursue appropriate education pathways to STEM occupations; or (3) develop disciplinary-based knowledge and practices, or promote critical thinking, reasoning skills, or communication skills needed for entering STEM workforce sectors.

About STELAR: 

The mission of STELAR is to build capacity and magnify the results of ITEST projects to deepen the impact of the ITEST program.  

  • We facilitate ITEST projects’ success in developing and articulating innovative models for STEM learning environments. 
  • We synthesize and disseminate ITEST projects’ findings nationally. 
  • We conduct outreach to broaden participation in the ITEST community of practice.

Whether you are implementing a project, submitting a proposal for funding, or looking to connect with other STEM education and workforce stakeholders nationally, there are multiple ways in which STELAR can assist you.  

Questions? Please feel free to contact the STELAR Team at stelar [at] edc [dot] org (subject: Proposal%20Development%20Course) (stelar [at] edc [dot] org)

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