Research Highlights

Plant and Education Teams: Learning Modules with High School Students in Native Prairies and Woodlands

As a part of the Missouri Transect project, MU biologist Ricardo Holdo is studying how drought impacts tallgrass prairie community dynamics. He has partnered with Troy Sadler and Patricia Friedrichsen, MU science education researchers, to integrate aspects of his studies at Tucker Prairie into teaching and learning materials appropriate for high school students.

Crossing Engineering with Plant Sciences Leads to Comprehensive Research

Under the Missouri Transect project, two Missouri University of Science and Technology (Missouri S&T) faculty are incorporating their engineering expertise with plant science research.

Citizen Science 2015 Conference

The Citizen Science 2015 was the inaugural conference of the Citizen Science Association (CSA). More than 600 people from 25 countries participated. Anyone involved in citizen science was invited to attend the conference. Attendees included citizen science participants, researchers, project leaders, educators, technology specialists, evaluators, and others – representing many disciplines...

Weather Stations Installed at Public K-12 Schools Around the State

University of Missouri-Extension climatologist and agricultural economics IT expert have installed weather stations and wireless communication at three rural K-12 schools in Missouri. These weather stations contribute both to the intellectual merit and broader impacts of the Missouri Transect by spanning climate research, cyberinfrastructure development, and education. Installing the stations...

A Closer Look at Resiliency of Missouri State Parks

Two University of Missouri (MU) researchers on the Missouri Transect Community Team, Dr. Sonja Wilhelm Stanis and Dr. Mark Morgan, are using their expertise in the human dimensions of natural resource management to study the impacts of climate change and natural disasters in Missouri state parks. The research group also includes two Ph.D. students and an M.S. student in the Human Dimensions of...