2018 Agroforestry and Forestry Workshops

Event date(s): Thursday, June 21, 2018 to Tuesday, June 26, 2018
Location: Three locations (Kirksville, June 21-22; Springfield, June 23; Blue Springs, June 26)

Dates, Locations, and Times:

  • June 21st-22nd :Truman State University Farm, Kirksville
    • This workshop will be the most comprehensive content and hands-on review of agroforestry and forestry curricula, with an additional soil science component from the MO-DIRT project.
    • Day 1: Check-in 9:00-10:00AM; Workshop 10:00AM-4:00PM; evening session 6:00PM-8:00PM
    • Day 2: Workshop 8:30AM-1:00PM; MO-DIRT workshop 1:00-4:00PM


  • June 26th :Burr Oak Woods Nature Center, Blue Springs
    • This workshop coincides with the start of the NAAE Region IV Conference in Kansas City, and will provide an overview of updated agroforestry and forestry curricula.
    • Check-in 8:00-9:00AM; Workshop 9:00AM-4:00PM


  • July 23rd : Darr Agricultural Center, Springfield
    • This workshop coincides with the start of the MO ACTE Conference in Springfield, and is intended for teachers already trained in agroforestry and forestry to share their experiences applying the content in class with interested teachers.
    • Check-in 8:00-9:00AM; Workshop 9:00AM-2:00PM


  • $15 registration fee to cover lunch and facilities, FREE to first-year teachers.
  • Workshop materials, snacks and lunch, and mileage reimbursement will be covered by UMCA via a SARE Professional Development Program grant.For the 2-day workshop, one night’s lodging will also be covered by this grant.

Maximum number of participants for any workshop is 25.


By the end of the agroforestry portion of the workshop, you will be able to teach the five temperate agroforestry practices and their associated environmental services, marketable products, and design and management considerations. These practices are appropriate for use in agriculture science (I and/or II) and in the wildlife conservation and forestry course. You will also participate in hands-on activities that demonstrate agroforestry and that can be applied to SAE projects. In addition to extensive print and online resource materials, you will be provided with lesson plans for 2 one-week agroforestry modules that emphasize cooperative, project-based, and problem-solving activities to engage students with concepts of conservation and innovation in agriculture. 


By the end of the forestry portion of the workshop, you will be able to use various forest measurement tools to measure trees for determining volume, and assess tree growth and forest stand density. You will also have the opportunity to take a sneak peek at the new forestry curriculum. There will be an opportunity to walk through the Forest CDE.

Registration Information

To register to the forestry workshop, with or without including the soil health training, use the following link.



If you have questions about the forestry workshop please contact:


Hannah Hemmelgarn


hlh5h8 [at] mail [dot] missouri [dot] edu

hlhemmelg [at] gmail [dot] com