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Date Added
2016-09-26 14:30
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2017-01-20 13:45
Vinobot and Vinoculer Data (Sample)

Sample data-set includes data collected by two automated systems (August 16 and 29, 2016):
1. Vinobot (ViGIR lab Phenotyping Robot)
2. Vinoculer (ViGIR lab Phenotyping Trinocular Observer)

Vinobot: Includes Environmental data and Images collected by a stereo camera.

  • EnvData: data collected by temperature, humidity, and four light intensity sensors in three different levels
  • Images: stereo images collected by a trinocular camera (BumbleBeeXB3)
    (Two formats are provided: Raw, Undistorted)
    left.pgm (bayer encoded image)
    center.jpg (undistorted RGB image)
  • Preliminary_Results are also included.

Vinoculer: Includes data collected by two RGB (baseline 1.7m) and one IR cameras.

Preliminary_Results are also included.

  • left -> jpg
  • right -> jpg
  • thermal -> raw

Vinobot3D / Vinoculer3D: 3D point cloud created by Vinobot and Vinoculer from individual plants and entire field.


Software Used: Vinobot (ViGIR lab Phenotyping Robot): Controling Robot and Collecting Data:Robot Operating System (ROS)- Version : Hydro. Processing: Matlab 2014-a, Visual SFM. Vinoculer (ViGIR lab Phenotyping Trinocular Observer): Controlling System and Collecting Data: C/C++. Processing: Matlab 2014-a, Visual SFM.