Contact Us

Missouri EPSCoR State Office Address

University of Missouri
109A Tucker Hall Columbia, MO 65211
Contact: Emily Haghighi
Phone: (573) 884-1950
Email: haghighieatmissouri [dot] edu

Project Director

John C. Walker
John C. Walker, Professor and Director of the Division of Biological Sciences at the University of Missouri, is a well-established bioscience researcher with expertise in molecular mechanisms controlling development and adaptive responses in plants. He is the Project Director for the Missouri Transect and the Co-Director on the Plant Imaging Consortium. He manages all Missouri EPSCoR activities and leads the overall research plan.

Project Administration

Anna Waldron
Director of MU’s Office of Science Outreach, will lead the internal evaluation.
Julie Schultz
Manages fiscal content and budget of Missouri EPSCoR. Contact for fiscal questions.
Emily Haghighi
Program coordinator for the Missouri Transect and assists with program management for the Plant Imaging Consortium. Contact for reporting, meeting logistics, or programmatic questions.