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DSSAT Crop Application Model Webinar - June 16, 2017

Webinar title
DSSAT Crop Application Model Webinar

Ali Koleiny, Ph.D. Student on the Climate Team working in the Adegoke Lab at UMKC, presented on the DSSAT crop application model. Ali attended a week-long workshop at the University of Georgia in May 2017 to use DSSAT and apply it to the climate models used in the Adegoke lab.

DSSAT modeling can be used the help project/simulate future crop growth and yield. The ability to understand intimately how this crop application model works will have great value for the farming communities locally in Missouri, as well as across the entire Missouri River Basin. For example, the crop projections that DSSAT performs can help aid farmers in planning their future crop schedules, which can have implications on the economy, as well as food security.